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Submitted on
February 20, 2012
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Sat down to calculate the inches of my faults, my senses literally disobey me

Through this long night i try to write, about those faded and shattered lies
Lies I've known about you, lies that destroy your precious sight

Surely i can take you alright, and I'm sure you still don't know me

Didn't you relax upon your boundaries, think i would be just another flight
To that cold body, to some precious moments of your life

your imperfect smile
the awkward flaw in your talk
your facial expression
that body movement

I'll just stop so plain
I'll just stop so plain

I'm just bored of your false tricky cheats
I need some honest players in this street

I've tasted poison so many times, my silence is the judge within
And by this silence i judge one thing
I don't need this cat, hell i don't want this thing
Fed on pleasant food; yet nose in every bin.
Wrote this in about 3 hours.

It a message to a woman who thinks she can fool one guy!
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